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Evergreen campaigns, iedereen heeft zijn eigen definities voor dit soort campagnes. Hier is die van mij: “Marketingcampagnes baseren op mensen en de situatie/moment waarop waarop ze zich bevinden. Het is een always-on concept. In plaats van één bericht voor iedereen te maken, bouw je verschillende trechters met triggers op basis van verschillende klantensegmenten en momenten/situaties.” Bart Mortelmans
Waarom evergreen campaigns ?
  • The promotion maintains value
  • The targeted audience maintains high quality
  • The targeted audience remains continuously fresh
  • Engagement raises, brand activation, performance is better due to the relevant messages at the right moment
  • Tailor made messages instead of generic messages
So if you would structure a campaign this way, the set-up will be a lot higher than a normal campaign. Since you are planning to create real value and try to automate the process it will take more time. Technologies you can use are always changing. These are the channels and technologies I recommend using at this time.
  • DoubleClick: Use dynamic elements in banners like: weather data, product preferences, locations, ..
  • Facebook / Instagram Dynamic Ads: Use dynamic locations, prices, product information in your ads. Things you can try to make the ad even more relevant: Shipping time to the specific location the user is in.
  • Google Ads (yeah I’m using the new name, R.I.P Adwords)
  • Dynamic video: Video content is the best imo to create a lasting experience for your customers.

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